Shree Saunsthan Nagesh Maharudra



"Dhyaye Nityam Mahesham Rajat Girinibham Charuchandravatansam
Ratnakalpojjwalang Parashu Mrugavara Bhitihastam Prasannam
Padmasinan Samantastutamamaraganaivyaghra Kritin Vasanam
Vshwadyam Vishwavandyam Nikhil Bhayaharam Panchvaktram Trinetram."


Parashuram's existence in Gomantak

the above referred "Shurparak" land is the same as is known to-day as Gomantak and the deities which now exist there are the family deities of Saraswats brought and established by Parashuram. It is said that Parashuram performed "Yadnya" in this very land. The ash found at Harmal beach in Pednem Taluka is cited as the ash of this Yadnya. Also a legend goes that Parashuram performed Mahayadnya at Vijreshwari in Thana District, and the hillocks of ash at the place are cited as a proof in support. The strip of land stretching from Vaitarana to Kanyakumari is found to have been referred to as "Parashuram Kshetra" in the literary works of middle age. On the whole this part is found bearing the influence of Parashuram. The temple of Parashuram existing in Painginim village of Canacona Taluka is well known.


The period of saraswats arrival

So far no concrete proof to determine the exact period of Saraswats' arrival is available. When the period of Aryas' arrival in Bharat is not determined definitely clear whether Saraswats or other Aryans were the first to arrive in konkan.



Parshuram's existence during Ramavatar and krisnavatar periods

After his mission of annihilation was over, Parashuram left his "Shiv-Dhanushya" (Bow) with king janaka. King janaka's daughter Sita used this "Dhanushya" (Bow) for riding as toy horse during her childhood. Narada observed it and suggested to the king janaka that she may be given in marriage only to the one who was able to make us of Dhaushya as a weapon. Later on, when "Sita-Swayanwar" was help, this was made the condition to be fulfilled by the aspirants. When Dasharathi Ram lifted the Dhanushya to win the contest, it gave off. On hearing that his Dhanushya was treated with scant respect, Parashuram got enraged and he blocked Ramchandra's marriage procession. At this moment Rama over shadowed him and Parashuram conceding that his mission was over left to Tapascharya" (a spiritual pursuit) This legend is narrated in Ramayana. Later on, as stated in Mahabharat, Parashuram was tutor to Bhismacharya of kuru family and to karna, the kunti's son to train them in archery.

Thus the existence of Parashuram's great personality is revealedin Tretayuga and Dwaparyuga, during the long period of Ramavatar and Krishnavatar. A clue to this riddle is to be found in Mythology in which Parashuram is stated to be one of the seven immortals.

Even if we were to set aside the myths for a while, that Parashuram was a great valourous personality is found beyond doubt in the realm of history. His achievements secured him a place in the ten incarnations (Dashavatar). The residence of Saraswats in Gomantak is itself a fectual position. Therefore either Saraswat's arrival in Gomantak was under his leadership or the name of their leader was Parashuram.

Residence of Shri Nagesh and Shri Mahalaxmi in Bandiwade

of the above mentioned deities Shri Nagesh and Shri Mahalaxmi deities have been established at Bandiwade, in Pondaor Antruj Mahal. This place was known in the past as "Bandiwad". Shri Nagesh Maharudra temple is situated on Pharmagudi-Kavalem-Ponda road at about 800 metres from Pharmagudi, a point 26.2 kilometres away from panaji on panaji-Belgaum National highway. The temple of Shri jagadamba Mahalaxmi lies about 300 metres from Shri Nagesh Temple.